Monday, March 22, 2010

A haircut is not news

Sometimes, when you're in the groove and you think you're the shit, the Universe has a way of keeping you humble with an occasional smackdown. This happened to me over the weekend when my boyfriend and I squeezed in some spring downhill skiing before all the snow disappears due to an unusually warm winter.

So there we were, on the hill, when I chose to ignore my instincts (mistake) and decided to go down a rather steep run which I've successfully descended in the past, despite my terror. But alas, spring conditions are not winter conditions. They can be tricky. 

I almost made it to safe ground. And then, I went down. My skis flew off in opposite directions, and I slid down the remainder of the hill in a reverse snow angel (face in the snow). Yeah, who's super cool now?

Having been smacked down, I feel I must pay it forward. That's just the kind of person I am. The Universe speaks to me, and I share the message. Today I'm smacking down and The Huffington Post for listing this as an actual story. 

Really? A celebrity gets a hair cut and this is news? And it's Jennifer Love Hewitt. Who cares about Jennifer Love Hewitt? At best, she's a C-list celebrity. If you're gonna feature hair cuts as news, at least make it about an A-lister. And even then, you're reachin', reeeally reachin'. 

If it's a slow celeb news day, just post photos of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt or Suri Cruise. This will be enough. Look, I'll demonstrate:



Jennifer who?

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