Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shameful display of TV enslavement

My dearest Sassies, I've always known I have an addiction to TV but yesterday I was exposed to the soft underbelly of this alluring habit, crack cocaine vs the usual marijuana buzz, if you will. I was at home all day yesterday and, of course, did not want to watch regular daytime TV. Ewww. 

But I needn't have feared, The Movie Network came to the rescue. I scrolled through the listings and there it was, shining like a diamond in the ruff: Six Feet Under. I didn't expect it to still be there but sure enough, there it was, calling my name. I swore I'd only watch one episode. I could do that. 

Wrong. Five episodes, a TV headache, and two bloodshot eyes later, my boyfriend and step-daughter had to stage an intervention. Oh, the shame. This show, I don't know what it does to me, but it's like I enter into this coma, and once I start watching, I can't stop. It's like I have no free will. The show speaks to me, tells me not to look away. And I don't, to my own detriment. 

Yes, boys and girls, this is the downside of TV dependence. The garden variety TV addict can be described as someone who must, at some point during the day, watch TV. This seems perfectly reasonable. Then, there are the hard-core TV addicts, the ones who are so entranced, they will sell their first-born to the highest bidder if it means they can keep watching their favorite show. 

It ain't pretty.

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