Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am not alone!

It's day two of being caffeine-free. Day two is always so much harder than day one. Why is that? It's like when you start exercising. Day one after that first workout isn't so bad. Day two is when the pain really sets in. 

My head feels really fuzzy, and also, like it's going to explode. Why no more caffeine, you ask? Well, I get pretty hopped up on the stuff, and it sets my bladder into overdrive. 

I'm tryin' to get Zen, like, really Zen. I think caffeine is inhibiting this process. I even slept better last night, after only one day without my morning coffee. I already seem to be reaping some benefits. Thank God, because I feel like ass. 

All this to say that today's post will be short and sweet, with an emphasis on sweet. I came across this Guardian article and found out I wasn't alone. Someone else out there also found The Hurt Locker woefully lacking in substance. I can even stomach the first two paragraphs about Kathryn Bigelow deserving a best director Oscar because the rest of the article makes up for that. 

Thank God there are other intelligent people out there. I was getting worried...

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