Monday, March 1, 2010

Katie Holmes sanctifying her womb for second pregnancy

According to Page Six of the New York Post, Katie Holmes has been undergoing thorough Scientology-specific preparation before trying for a second pregnancy. To which I say: Huh? 

Apparently, the Church of Scienf*ckery also encourages a "silent birth", as in no screaming in pain when you're trying to push a watermelon through a garden hose. Please.

What exactly does this pre-pregnancy "auditing" consist of? According to Scientology, the "health and the sanity of the child begin long before birth". Is it really healthy and sane for a child to be born to two celebrities? (In this case, one legitimate, one not.) 

What kind of "sane" life includes being constantly followed and photographed by the paparazzi, having a mother who's deluded herself into thinking she can act and design clothes, and frankly, whose only claim to fame lately has been that she happens to be Mrs. Tom Cruise?

Since hooking up with Tom, Katie has been acting as if she was ordered to give up her free will upon agreeing to date him. What kind of example does that set? 

Why does she continue to design her own clothes when every new creation she comes up with is nothing short of heinous, an affront to tasteful fashion? 

Why was she allowed to deliver a cringe-worthy song and dance number on prime time television? Is the Tom bubble so thick that no one around her dares tell her she should maybe consider a career change? 

A child should not be born into an environment steeped in denial and delusions of grandeur, or in this case, borrowing from Weird Al Yankovic "delusions of adequacy". Has the Church of Scientology thought about that?

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