Friday, March 5, 2010

Shameless self-promotion and... shameless self-promotion

My dearest Sassies, please forgive me but I must briefly engage in some shameless self- promotion: I've just created a new blog, Oedipal Odyssey - seeking out the truly inappropriate, which will consist of generally offensive, yet humourous, material that doesn't quite fit into the subject matter of this blog. 

Oedipal Odyssey will consist of those things that, in polite society, we wouldn't dare laugh at, but do when no one's watching. For example, future posts will consist of death humour, inappropriate things to say to a new lover, letters that should not be sent to your sponsored child in Africa, etc... 

I've just put it together so there are only a couple of posts at the moment. If you're not easily offended, I encourage you to visit often, or become a follower. I'll be posting regularly. 

Fear not, Sassy Stylings will continue, as robustly as always. 

Now, on to today's subject matter..

Jakey-poo (The Horny Bachelor) is already in trouble. Me thinks Jake is not all he's cracked up to be. Perhaps Jillian (the Bachelorette who dumped his ass) was on to something when she deemed him to be "too perfect" as in too good to be true. 

Picking Vienna called into question what I thought Jake was about. The whole thing just smells funny, you know? He ain't lookin' for the long haul. He's lookin' to have some fun but fronting the whole "I'm looking for a relationship and want to settle down" angle. 

I'm not buyin' it, Jake. And now he's been caught communicating with his ex, after he proposed to Vienna? Uh-huh. It's sad because he had me believing in him, that he was a decent guy, sincere in his beliefs and wishes. A decent guy would have picked Tenley. I'm not bitter.

Speaking of reality TV douchebags, Kate Gosselin worked the red carpet at some event in New York last night. She's one of the contestants on the next round of Dancing With The Stars. I don't know why they call it Dancing With The Stars. Anyone who's on that show is like, on the Z list of celebrity. But I digress...

When I see things like this, I ask myself: who's looking after the kids? I doubt it's John since Kate is trying to limit his visitation, although I don't see why since she's never around. I really feel for the children. Having two loser, fame whoring parents isn't doing them any favours.

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