Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars lack discernment this year

Well, my dearest Sassies, it happened, as I knew it would. That piece of shit movie, glorifying what Michael Moore dubbed " a fictitious war, started by a fictitious president" at the 2003 Oscars, won best picture at last night's Academy Awards. 

If it weren't for the fact that The Hurt Locker was so tediously boring and cliché, I could be happy that the first female ever won the best director Oscar. But alas, I cannot share in this joy. Not for that movie.

There were far superior flicks in the best picture category. That they chose a douchey movie on the war in Iraq while winners dedicated their Oscars to the troops reeked of overinflated, underinformed patriotism. I try to like the Americans, but then they pull this kind of shit. 

I knew we were in trouble when The Hurt Locker won two awards early on for sound editing and mixing. At least all the acting award winners were judiciously chosen. This seemed to ease my frustration.

I was especially happy Sandra Bullock won the award for best actress. I like that girl a lot. She's the real deal. Talented, smart, funny, hot. Killer combo. And now she's an Oscar winner. This brings joy to my heart. Christoph Waltz, Mo'Nique and Jeff Bridges also richly deserved their awards. Bravo to the Academy for at least that much. 

I wasn't sure about the hosting. I like Steve Martin and adore Alec Baldwin. Some bits were funny but in all, it felt really tacky, like, overly so. Almost cringe-inducing.

Then there was the "next generation" - Miley Cyrus, looking slutty in her bustier top dress, and Kristen Stewart who quite possibly gave the worst Oscar presenter's speech ever. She was completely devoid of poise which simply indicated to me what I already know - this girl can't act worth shit. She can't even present at the Academy Awards! Kristen is a totally overblown ingénue. When will the film industry clue in to this? 

Her colleague, Anna Kendrick, on the other hand, was the picture of grace and elegance, a star on the rise. She was also nominated for an Oscar. Anna wins. 

All in all, the Oscars were a disappointment this year since the big awards went to a movie I have come to loathe. But alas, I am outnumbered, by many, it seems. 

The war in Iraq was a monumental mistake to begin with, a low point in American history that will have repercussions for years and generations to come. 

The US government squandered the world's sympathy from 9/11 on fiction and now they're stuck in a mess of their own creation. Do movies about this colossal failure of democracy really need to be rewarded?

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